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PostSubject: RULES & REGULATIONS   Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:10 am

The Kings of the ring Forum Guidelines For Posting

1. Kings of the ring is a forum for wrestling fans:

2. No Spamming:
That means no useless one or two word posts to raise your post count. Only post if you have something to say. Yes many of us here are friends and we like to sometimes joke around with each other, that’s fine but if you're going to say something, say it with more than one emoticon or word. Try to keep your posts productive or an Administrator or Moderator will delete them.

3. No trolling:
Any posts, which the Mods or Admins deem to have been started purely for the sake of causing an argument or creating unrest, will be deleted and the member may be banned. If you come here to start arguments with us or disrupt the harmony of the board in any way you will be IP banned, your name and e-mail will be banned then you will have all of your posts deleted or edited by a Administrator or moderator.

4. No flaming:
If you want to argue with someone, and are unable to do it in a positive manner. You should, however, give serious consideration to whether such negative action is really necessary. A moderator will delete any posts in other sections of the forum of a hostile, negative or argumentative nature. If the posts are about a subject worthy of debate then those offending may be asked to temper their language or leave the debate to others. We will not tolerate any slander of any kind here unless you have physical proof of the accusations you make. If you make a comment on something and you are called on it, be sure to have something to back it up or your Thread/Post will be deleted and you will be put on Moderation.

5. Know where to post: There are different forums on this board for a reason. Please keep topics in their proper sections. Each forum title has some extra text under it to let you know what the forum relates to. Please use common sense to decide where your thread should go or ask a Mod/Admin.

6. Use the Search Function: Before starting a new thread use the search function to see if there is already a thread about that subject. It is a difficult job trying to keep the forum tidy and multiple threads about the same subject do not help.

7. Please use proper English and post with a civil tone: Refrain from using vulgar or profane language when posting. This is a Family community and you don’t know if children or other young people are visiting or posting on our forum.

8. Swearing/Foul Language:
Please be considerate as there are young people that use the forums as well. So please try and keep your language clean, excessive swearing/rudeness will not be tolerated.

9. Respect for our Staff:
As well as being polite to other members, please also be respectful towards our staff. It is not acceptable to abuse or 'speak trash' about our team and this will be marked as flaming. Constructive feedback is always welcome, but users that seek to cause trouble by publicly complaining about the staff will be dealt with accordingly.

10. Topic Bumping/Hijacking:
Please do not "bump" your topics to the top of the forum index multiple times a day, otherwise your topic may be locked. If you are asking a question then please be patient, it will get answered eventually. As well as topic bumping, please do not hijack other peoples topics. Stay on topic and stay relevant. Plugging your own topic in someone else's thread is also considered hijacking.
Old threads (no matter how old) may still be posted in but only if you have relevant information to add.

11. Advertising:
You may only advertise your own website/forum in your signature. Links to useful & relevant websites may be posted in topics, but advertising your own site is not permitted. Users advertising by the personal message (PM) system will also receive warnings or possibly a permanent ban.

12. No Adult Material:
You are not allowed to post references, links or images to any sort of adult material or pornography. Images of divas are allowed as long as private areas are not shown.

13. No Illegal Activities:
Any sort of discussion or links concerning illegal activities such as cracks, generators, pirated media, No-CD patches, ROMs, serials or warez etc is strictly forbidden.

14. No Copyrighted Media:
You may only post legal uncopyrighted media, or media where the source allows uploading or hotlinking to it. We do not allow the posting of illegal/copyrighted media of any kind, this includes media owned by wrestling promotions such as WWE and TNA.

If you have any questions about these rules or have any other problems please send a Private Message to one of the moderators and we will do our best to help you.

Thank you.


Your Account:
Any actions taken under your account will be your own responsibility. It is up to you to keep your account secure. If you are warned/banned for something done on your account then that is your fault, we cannot be expected to judge whether it was you using the account or not.

-Your username must not be offensive. This means no bad language in your username.
-Your username may not be advertising another forum.
-Your username must not be too long. If it is, a member of the staff will PM asking you to change it.

Hotlinking Images:
Please do not hotlink images (whether in your topics/posts, avatars or signatures). "Hotlinking" is when you link directly to a site's image. For example "http://www.wwe.com/johncena.jpg". Using that image would be hotlinking. If you wish to use images on the site, please make sure to upload them to www.imageshack.us , www.tinypic.com or www.photobucket.com before posting.

PM System:
-You can PM members easily through K.O.T.R. forums, do not abuse it by;
-PM Advertising. It is strictly not allowed on the K.O.T.R. forums
-Flaming by PM. Its not allowed just as its not allowed in a thread.

Racist and other highly derogatory remarks will not be tolorated on K.O.T.R. forums.

You are not allowed to post pornographic images on the boards, or have it in your profile.
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